Summer heat is here. But what to wear?

I don’t know about you guys but when I see the temperatures on my iPhone sky rocket to the hundreds, all I can think about is how to get to the closest pool…quick. Most of us, have this thing called “work” and “responsibilities” and “school” and the list goes on and on. Sometimes it’s not even that. Sitting in the house isn’t an option, there is this thing called a social life.

Whatever it is we’re doing that requires going outdoors, the biggest question is, what to wear?

I have a summer outfit that seems to be my newest obsession. Typically, all my friends know that if I had to choose I’d throw on shorts (probably the first I see in my drawer), a tank and some sneakers or flip flops. However, for those dressier occasions, I’m trying to switch it up.

Picture this: a cotton mini skirt with a shorter flow-ey tank top. Throw that on with a long necklace and sandals and you’ve got the perfect mixture of casual with a dash of dressy.


“Cover” of the Day

Are You a Shopaholic?

Is that a far-fetched question? It could be argued that almost every woman has a bit of a shopping addiction. If you are anything like me, you constantly use the phrase “I don’t have any clothes” and its said in that distinguishable “tone” of voice. Reality is, those of you that say that probably have a closet full and perhaps clothes that haven’t even been worn (and..still with the tag).

I can think of a few other reasons to justify whether or not we are a shopaholic…

1. You go shopping more then once…a week.
2. You exit the mall with at least one purchase every time you visit…
3. You can’t enter a store without trying a piece of clothing on.
4. When you aren’t at the mall…you’re online shopping.
5. You hit every sale… (We can make an exception for the Nordstroms half yearly sale).

Ok, you catch my drift..I don’t think there’s any reason to continue. To take a more detailed quiz, visit Tyra Banks website and take the quiz, “Am I a Shopaholic?”

Lets be real..most girls like to have a fun and new outfit for a special occasion. Most girls like to go shopping with their girlfriends. If I find something I love, I usually can’t pass it up. Key word: usually.

I’m speaking on behalf of all the other woman out there that might have a “slight” addiction…that is what we will call it.

So..are you a shopaholic? Perfect.

Song Of The Day

Today’s Remix

Nothing is Better Than a Remix

Some of us listen to the same music over and over again until an artist decides it’s time to provide us with some new stuff. If you’re anything like me..if I like a song, I play it on repeat until I literally get sick of it. Listening to the radio and constantly checking iTunes for the latest hits can sometimes get daunting. I open iTunes on a daily basis hoping to find an original, brand-new song. That rarely happens since the songs we hear on the radio usually are the top 25 hits on iTunes.

There is another way to satisfy the ears. My method is spending countless hours on the internet. More specifically, YouTube.

For example, the other night I wanted to listen to The Fray. On the side bar of YouTube, I glanced at the “suggested videos” to see Mike Posner: The Fray Over My Head Remix.

Long story short, search the internet. Take your favorite artist and put the word “remix” or “cover” to the end. By clicking on multiple videos, you’ll eventually find one that catches your eye.

And so the process continues….

If you want to find an original remix, just search the internet. I can’t say all my music ideas come from the internet. My brother and friends share my same interest in original music so by word of mouth, my iPod continues to grow with remixes…

Look to my next post to hear the latest remix…